Places Where a Few Bold Tiles Can Have a Big Effect

Lets play pretend for a second (with a scenario that probably happens to you multiple times a week on Pinterest). You, a person of champagne tastes, have fallen in love with a product or material for a home project that is squarely outside of your beer budget. What’s a guy or gal to do? In the case of tile, you can have your cake and eat it too, by splurging on just a bit of your dream tile to cover a small-ish spot in your home.

Instead of taking your tile from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, apply it to just one (small) spot at a fraction of the cost. You can fill in the rest of the room with a simple, neutral coordinating tile and you’ll still get the impact and style you want from the really nice stuff.

The Floor of the Shower

If you’re tiling a walk in, splurge on something special for just the floor. You can see in this bathroom from M Plus that it has quite the impact on a bathroom.

Bold Tiles

Around a Fireplace

The mantle is another opportunity to use your dream tile, as seen here in this California family home featured on My Domaine. It won’t take a lot to cover several inches around the fireplace and create a focal point for your room that you’ll love. Learn More…

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