How to Hire A Tiling Contractor

Even a small error in floor, wall, or bath tile can be an eyesore. One minutely mispositioned tile, for example, can throw off the pattern and grout line, making the goof glaring. Worse, fixing a botched tiling job is expensive, disruptive and messy, especially if water has seeped through the grout and ruined framing, ceilings and finished walls.

That’s why hiring a seasoned professional and making sure the job gets done right the first time are essential. What’s more, certain applications might call for specialty tile, edging, grout, adhesive and backerboard. These are best sorted out by an expert who knows what he’s doing.,,332763,00.html

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Trolling For Tilers

Instead of getting prospects for contractors from retail tile stores, go where the pros go by checking at a tile supply store that caters to contractors. These outlets are more likely to know who does premium work.

Also, consider hiring a commercial contractor willing to take on residential jobs like yours. Because a large percentage of tiling goes into commercial buildings, these are the most experienced pros.

When hiring and working with a Tile Contractor, every homeowner needs to know: What services does a Tile Contractor commonly provide? What is the best way to find good prospects? What should I look for when I interview the Tile Contractor? And most importantly, how do I make sure that the Tile Installation And Repair Service is done right?

More Tips In Hiring A Tiling Contractor

Another thing to keep in mind is that most contractors will not give you a quote over the phone – ever. There are just way too many variables to consider and methods available for any given situation to say “this is what I charge” to someone over the phone. Most people will require taking a look at the project before even starting the estimate process. We do not do this because it’s a big secret or to “pressure” you or try and talk you into something you are not wanting, it is simply to look at the project. It also gives you a more accurate idea of the scope of the work you may need. Believe it or not, oftentimes is is less than you may think.